My Teaching Philosophy

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Hello! My name is Nell Britton and I have been teaching piano lessons since 2015.

I begin teaching piano students at a very young age (4-7). I love how young students are very open to trying new things and experimenting with music. They love to sing, dance, play games and find so much excitement in the instument.

Younger students are taught using the Suzuki method with an emphasis on learning by ear in the early stages. Suzuki students listen daily to the Suzuki CD at home which includes children’s folk songs and classical music.

Older students are taught using the traditional method with an emphasis on reading sheet music from the get-go. My teaching materials are drawn from many sources including: The Royal Conservatory of Music Piano Curriculum, Faber Piano Adventures, Schuam, Alfred, Hal Leonard and Scales, Chords and Arpeggios.

Piano lessons are taught on a Yamaha G2 studio grand piano. Piano students learn music from all the major stylistic periods including the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, 20th Century & Contemporary. Students participate in two recitals per year to further refine their musical playing ability, and draw inspiration from one another.

As a teacher, I am passionate about always discovering new music and activities that are interesting and engaging for my students. For me, the focus should always be on finding joy in music-making!

My mission is not only to refine student’s musical knowledge and understanding, but to build a strong mentorship, and boost their self-esteem and confidence. I believe that music is the greatest gift that we can impart to the next generation.

-Nell Britton