Studio Policy and Tuition

Studio Policy & Tuition Agreement

The monthly tuition is calculated according to the entire academic year of 42 weeks of private lessons in 12 equal monthly installments. Tuition payments are based on my hourly rate of $72/hr, and include weekly piano lessons, 3 group dress rehearsals, 3 piano recitals, lesson planning and scheduling. At the beginning of each school year there is a $78 Material & Registration Fee. The material fee covers the cost of all books, supplies, printing & recital fees.

30 minute lessons $128 per month 

45 minute lessons $189 per month

60 minute lessons $252 per month

75 minutes lessons $315 per month

90 minute lessons $378 per month


February School Vacation

April School Vacation

Two Weeks of Makeup Lessons End of May

July 4th Week

Two Flexible Summer Vacation Weeks off for Families in June – August

Thanksgiving Week 

Christmas Week

New Years Week


Payment for piano lessons is electronic through My Music Staff and is due on the 1st of each month in advance for the upcoming month. Any payment that is 10 days late will accrue an automatic $15 late fee through this service. At the beginning of each school year, the monthly payment will increase by 3% to account for inflation.


If a student cancels a piano lesson due to sickness, vacation or conflicting extracurricular activities, tuition is not prorated and there is no makeup for that lesson. Students can seek to reschedule in two ways:

  1. They can check the calendar on My Music Staff Student Portal , cancel their lesson and register for a new time slot that is available. For directions on how to do that, click here:  How to Reschedule Lessons
  2. If there are no available time slots in the calendar that the student can attend, students can opt to join the Swap Mailing List and swap lesson times by emailing other students on weeks that they cannot attend their usual lesson time. If no other student can swap lesson times and the student cannot make any of the open time slots, there is no makeup for that lesson. 

When Nell cancels lessons, there are two flex makeup weeks in May that are accounted for in tuition payments in case Nell needs to be out for any reason (sick, snow day, death in family, etc). This means monthly tuition does not change if the teacher is out for up to two weeks. 

Nell does not pause lessons over the summer. When students take the summer off, the first half of the school year is often spent entirely in review. Students who take the summer off are also less likely to be prepared for the winter piano recital & other musical opportunities throughout the school year. 

If piano lessons aren’t a good fit, the student can discontinue lessons at any time. Students do not have to continue lessons for the entire school year. If a student does decide to suspend lessons, no refunds will be issued for the current month’s tuition payment.


There will be two studio piano recitals on Sunday December 17, 2023 at 1:00 & 2:00 and Sunday May 19, 2024 at 1:00 & 2:00 at Trinity Episcopal Church on 580 Forest Ave. All students are required to attend. Recitals are an essential learning experience. They help build a sense of community and ensure that all students practice and make progress throughout the school year. One week prior to the recital, students participate in a small group studio class with their age group (elementary, middle, highschool) in which they play their pieces for each other and get feedback.

In addition, there will be one optional summer concert on August 18, 2024 at 1:00 at 75 State Street, a nonprofit organization that provides retirement living for older adults. Students can also participate in various performances sponsored by the Southern Maine Music Teacher’s Association including masterclasses, an evaluation recital, Monster Music Festival and Pine Tree competition.


Individual and group photos/videos will be taken during piano studio recitals and piano lessons. These photos/videos may be used for publicity on Nell Britton Piano Studio’s Website, Facebook, and Instagram page. If for any reason you do not wish me to use individual photos of yourself or your child, please let me know on the registration form.


Students must have a piano to practice on at home. The piano can be electric or acoustic, and must have touch sensitivity, 88 weighted keys and a damper pedal. Students should practice piano a minimum of 5 times per week and should complete all assignments in their notebook during each practice session. There are busier times of year when exceptions can be made, but consistent practice at home is essential for learning how to play any musical instrument. 

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