Studio Policy and Tuition

Studio Policy & Tuition Agreement

Piano lessons for the academic school year run from September 6 2022 to June 9 2023. The monthly tuition is calculated according to the entire school year of 32 weeks in 9 equal monthly installments. At the beginning of each school year there is a $75 Material & Registsration Fee. 

9 equal monthly installments

60 minute piano lessons $245 per month

45 minute piano lessons $185 per month

30 minute piano lessons $125 per month

Students may also choose to pay in a semester package of 16 weeks. Fall semester 2022 is September – January. Spring semester is January – May.

Fall and Spring Semester Package

60 minute lessons $960 per semester

45 minute lessons $720 per semester

30 minute lessons $560 per semester

Due to school holidays and an uneven number of weekdays during the school year, Monday and Friday students end slightly later this year than Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. 

Monday student’s last day (32nd lesson): June 5

Tuesday last day: May 9

Wednesday last day: May 10 

Thursday last day: May 11

Friday last day: June 2

Makeup lessons are May 15 – June 9. On average, students usually have 1-3 makeup lessons per year.

If parents would like to continue lessons through the month of June, they can make an additional 10th June payment, which can be adjusted to account for any make-up lessons.

June Payment

30 minute lessons: $125

45 minute lessons: $180

60 minute lessons: $240

Summer lessons are a 6 week package. The summer session runs from July 10 2023-September 1 2023, which allows space for students to take 2 weeks off for vacation and summer camps. There are no lessons the week of July 4th.

6 Week Summer Lesson Package

60 minute lessons $360 for the summer

45 minute lessons $270 for the summer

30 minute lessons $210 for the summer

Summer tuition is due July 1st. If students decide to take the summer off but would like to return to lessons in September, a nonrefundable holding deposit of $100 is due June 1st, which can be applied towards September tuition. 


Payment for piano lessons is electronic through My Music Staff and is due on the 1st of each month in advance for the upcoming month. Any payment that is 10 days late will accrue an automatic $15 late fee through this service. At the beginning of each school year, the monthly payment will increase by 3% to account for inflation.


If a student cancels a piano lesson due to sickness, vacation or conflicting extracurricular activities, tuition is not prorated and there is no makeup for that lesson. Students can opt to join a swap mailing list and swap lesson times with other families on weeks that they cannot attend their usual lesson time. If no other family can swap lesson times, there is no makeup for that lesson. If the family you decide to swap with has a shorter lesson length, you would opt for a shorter lesson.

If Nell cancels a piano lesson due to weather or sickness, the lesson can be made up May 15 2023- June 9 2023. If a student cannot make up their lessons in the available time slots, tuition will be prorated at the end of the year.

There are no piano lessons during school holidays. For more information, please refer to my calendar page.


There will be two piano recitals on Sunday December 11, 2022 at 1:00 and Sunday May 21, 2023 at 1:00 at Trinity Episcopal Church on 580 Forest Ave. All students are required to attend. Recitals are an essential learning experience. They help build a sense of community and ensure that all students practice and make progress throughout the school year. 


Individual and group photos/videos will be taken during piano studio recitals and piano lessons. These photos/videos may be used for publicity on Nell Britton Piano Studio’s Website, Facebook, and Instagram page. If for any reason you do not wish me to use individual photos of yourself or your child, please let me know on the registration form.


Students must have a piano to practice on at home. The piano can be electric or acoustic, and must have touch sensitivity, 88 weighted keys and a damper pedal. Students should practice piano a minimum of 5 times per week and should complete all assignments in their notebook during each practice session. There are busier times of year when exceptions can be made, but consistent practice at home is essential for learning how to play any musical instrument.